June 13, 2016

Childhood and adolescence are the most sensitive period of our lives. It is the time when our personality forms and we grow up as individuals.

During that time many children and adolescents have emotional and behavioral problems which may worry their family, peers, and teachers.

Some of the problems children and young people experience could be quite normal for the stage of their psychological development. However, some of them could be a sign that a child might need help from a qualified psychotherapist or psychologist. It is very important such issues be addressed as early as possible.

During childhood and adolescence our attitudes and personality are most flexible and appropriate therapeutic work would be most timely and effective in resolving emerging problems.

In my practice with children and young people, I work with an interactive method called Sandplay therapy. Playing with sand and a variety of toy figures and using their imagination, the child has the opportunity to express their emotions, conflicts, and concerns in a creative way which helps unlock a healing process. In addition, I often use other creative methods such as role-play, drawing, clay modeling, and work with fairy-tales.