June 10, 2016

Image of Carl Gustav Jung, a Psychotherapist, Depth Psychologist and Psychiatrist

“We are not what happened to us, we are what we wish to become.”

― Carl Gustav Jung


Psychotherapy helps people resolve psychological issues and get rid of troublesome symptoms. It helps us get in touch with resources hidden deep in ourselves and develop our real potential. In many cases, psychotherapy is not only a method for resolving problems, but it is also a process of inner growth, of looking for meaning in life and discovering new aspects of our personality.

A very central aspect of my work as psychologist and psychotherapist is to help my clients to gain a deeper understanding about the unconscious dynamics that shape their relationships. This gives people the chance to set free from repetitive and unsatisfying patterns and enables their capacity for change and for having more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

During my practice as psychologist and psychotherapist I have gained experience in working with a wide variety of psychological issues and in helping people in difficult life situations.

Very often people come to psychotherapy because they

• experience relationship problems in their intimate or family life
• have difficulties with relocation to a new place and other important changes in their lives
• want to work on problems related to their job and career
• repeatedly get involved in unsatisfying relationships
• suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence
• feel lack of meaning and fulfillment in life
• suffer from stress and anxiety
• feel depressed or exhausted
• have sleep-related problems
• have disturbing dreams, fantasies or thoughts
• have phobias
• suffer from obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours
• deal with loss and bereavement
• suffer from the consequences of sexual and/or physical abuse
• are worried that they might have an eating disorder
• engage in self-harming behavior
• experience significant mood swings
• are worried that they might suffer from posttraumatic stress
• want to work on issues from their past

For many people psychotherapy becomes more than just resolving problems. Through it we may allow within us to grow the precious seed that was overshadowed by our traumas and by the expectations of others. It could become a journey towards the unique and authentic personality within ourselves.